One of Pakistan’s top celebrities is Sajal Aly. She began her career with Mahmoodabad Ki Malkayein and developed into a superstar who now rules the television and cinema industries. Over the past few years, Sajal Aly has continuously delivered hits. She also travelled to Bollywood, where her gritty performance in the film Mom with Sridevi was praised.

Due to Sajal Aly’s enormous fame, her followers are constantly curious about her personal life. Fans spent days celebrating the couple and posting their own modifications on social media in response to her marriage to ex-husband Ahad Raza Mir, which attracted a lot of attention. Fans were tremendously saddened by their separation but wished her well wishes and positive energy for the future.

Sajal Aly mostly kept her divorce private, but her admirers learned about it from media outlets and when she removed Ahad’s name from her Instagram. She is now promoting her worldwide first film, What’s Love Got to Do With It. She gave her opinion on the controversy between love marriage and arranged marriage during a press conference at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia.

She stated that she believes in love and in love marriages, but that marriage always carries some danger, regardless of whether it was arranged or not: