Sajal Aly’s Beautiful Pictures From The Red Sea International Film Festival

One of the biggest stars in Pakistan right now is Sajal Aly. The fact that she appeared in Khel Khel Mein, the first film to be released following Covid, shows that she has established herself in Pakistani plays and is gradually breaking into the cinema industry. She made waves abroad after this year’s drama Sinf e Aahan also made an impression.

With the help of Jemima Khan’s production of What’s Love Got To Do With It, Sajal Aly made her international acting debut. She is starring alongside actors like Lily James, Shabana Azmi, and Emma Thompson. Shekhar Kapoor is the film’s director. Earlier, Sajal Aly wore a fusion black outfit to the TIFF premiere.

At the Red Sea International Film Festival, Sajal Aly has now made her film festival debut. The diva chose a white gown, accessorising it with a glossy pout and a high ponytail. She posed with her crew and posted photos with co-star Shabana Azmi, director Shekhar Kapoor, and producer Jemima Khan. Here are a few images from Sajal’s Red Sea International Film Festival premiere: