Sajal Aly Faces Criticism on Wearing a See Through Saree

Millions of admirers like the talented Pakistani actress Sajal Aly. After their divorce from Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal is succeeding in her job, and Ahad is also keeping busy. Both have been portraying confident selves for a while. Recently, controversy was sparked by Sajal’s daring photo session and Ahad’s daring Resident Evil sequences.

Well, the two are now the focus of intense fan scrutiny following their divorce. Sajal Aly’s black see-through saree has sparked harsh criticism and online trolls. Look at her photos wearing a striking, see-through Saree in black.

After her divorce, many said that she had changed. One fan even claimed that she only got divorced for being too brazen. Many of the fans also made fun of her appearance. Fans claimed that they are losing their own paths since they are following West’s. Fans suggested that she finally do a bold shoot because it appears like she is attempting to both expose and conceal in these photographs, which is perplexing. Additionally, they were giggling at the images. People criticised her for showing courageous avatars among flood damage. Here are all the remarks.