She’s one of the most beloved and talented actresses in Pakistan known for her tireless spirit……. And Sajal Ali reached yet another milestone as she celebrated turning 21 years young while shooting her drama serial with Ahson Khan on Friday.
The birthday girl was given a coffee cake in her likeness as she made a wish and cut the cake.


Sajal – whose actual birthday is Thursday – looked fantastic decked out in a white dress. She had her beautiful black arranged in her usual elegantly style with natural makeup. The actress was surrounded by her co-stars Ahson Khan and others as they took time from filming for the on set party.

Sajal Ali’s birthday bash and Feroz Khan’s surprise


The news is not done here…Birthdays are very special but what makes it even special is when you get to celebrate it with your special someone! No points for guessing, we are talking about Rumourd hottest couple Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan! Though the two have denied being in a relationship but proving it otherwise, Sajal and feroz celebrated the 21st birthday together!

Actually hua kuch aise Sajal’s plan, if we must know, was to spend a quiet birthday. But Sajal Ali’s 21st birthday turned into a party, all thanks to Sajal’s family and Feroz Khan who took time off from his commitment to make his Friend’s birthday a memorable experience.

Sajal Ali’s birthday bash and Feroz Khan’s surprise

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Sajal Ali’s birthday bash and Feroz Khan’s surprise