Only a small number of Pakistani celebrity couples choose to keep their personal life private from their followers, despite the fact that their followers still adore them. Even if Sadia Ghaffar and Hassan Hayat Khan are not constantly in the spotlight, people still look forward to seeing their photos together. With only their family and close friends present, they held a very private and serene wedding. But when their famous friends made it unforgettable, everything became lively and enjoyable.

The couple recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, who they have called Raya Hayat Khan. Hassan Hayat Khan frequently posts pictures of his daughter and himself having the loveliest father-daughter moments, and Sadia Ghaffar is not far behind. Baby Raya Hayat Khan went on a beach picnic with Sadia Ghaffar. Sadia was unassuming in a white and blue ensemble, and Raya complemented her mother by dressing similarly casually stylish. The mother-daughter team enjoyed a fantastic day at the beach, as shown in the following photos: