Sadia Faisal Celebrating Her Wedding Anniversary With Family

Currently, Saba Faisal is among Pakistan’s biggest drama stars. Her entire family works in the entertainment industry, and viewers have watched her develop from her PTV days to her role as the royal mother in Pakistani plays. She is involved in almost all of the major projects that are released these days. As a result of the drama and controversy involving her daughter-in-law Neha Salman, her family is also frequently in the news. But her own daughter Sadia Faisal has always been her pillar of support.

Sadia Faisal celebrated her wedding anniversary not only with her husband and son but also with her entire family, including her parents and two brothers. Both Sadia Faisal and her mother Saba Faisal looked stunning in traditional attire as they attended their daughter’s special day. Here are some images from Sadia Faisal’s family’s celebration of her wedding anniversary: