Saba Faisal Reveals Family Secrets And Regrets Posting Viral Video

After years of quiet drama played out behind the scenes, Saba Faisal, her son Salman Faisal, and daughter-in-law Neha Salman have recently found themselves in the centre of a major issue. The public is aware that Saba Faisal and her daughter-in-law did not get along since Neha used to publish things on social media. Saba Faisal never called Neha out for it, but she did imply that things were not going well at home.

After years of cyberbullying, Saba Faisal recently posted a video on her Instagram account announcing that she was ending her relationship with her son and daughter-in-law. She asserted that Neha and Salman are unrelated to her, her husband, her son Arslan, and her daughter Sadia.

Salman Faisal has said to leave him and his family alone in this time while Neha ahs tip-toed around directly responding.

In a podcast interview with Nadir Ali, Saba Faisal spoke candidly about the situation. The mother, according to Saba, should not have uploaded the video. She only felt really weak at the time and posted the viral video as a result.

This is why she posted the video and also talked about how posting the video resulted in a lot of backlash:

She also discussed how portraying a bad saas on television leads viewers to believe that she is also like that in real life, despite the fact that many actresses who portray negative roles are actually victims.

The way Saba Faisal raised her children, she said, is evident in the way they uphold their relationships, as her son Salman has done with his wife Neha:

Additionally, Saba said that she, not her son, was the one who chose Neha to be her daughter-in-law::

In response to a query, she also said that Neha and Salman share equal responsibility for the judgments they make and that she does not hold any one person accountable for the debacle:

Even though Saba Faisal has always claimed to have had a good life, this time she revealed that her only regret is that she published the video.