Recently, Rozina Munib Formal Wear Winter Collection 2015 Volume 4 has been released for girls and Ladies.In Pakistan Rozina Munib has been one of diffidently one of the best fashion designers. Just few years Rozina Munib started her fashion journey in fashion industry and caters out for women very first time. Rozina Munib has made herself as one of the famed and well known and most demanding fashion designers amongst the ladies girls and women by her beautiful clothing collections. ……Rozina Munib are focused the main clothing lines and highlights of semi formal wears, formal wear, party clothing, casual outfits including bridals clothing accessories and bridal formal outfits collection as well. Rozina Munib has been always keeping their collections as fresh looking for others that is probably one of the best noticed features of this designer. In this collection the designer has fallen stunning traditional designs and patterns.