Recent Images By Sabeeka Imam From Her Trip To Dubai

Beautiful, classy, and skilled Pakistani fashion model Sabeeka Imam. Sabeeka is a British-Pakistani model and actress who achieved success. She has started starring opposite Hassan Niazi in the drama series Dushman on PTV. In the past, Sabeeka also contributed to the feature film “Sherdil.”

Sabeeka is adored for her classy and obviously stunning appearance. Sabeeka is a fashionista who draws admirers with her lovely attire and endearing demeanour. The major designers adore working with Sabeeka.

Sabeeka recently travelled to Dubai for one of her fashion shoots. Aside from the shoot, Sabeeka is having a great time with her pals there. Sabeeka has been posting lovely photos of major locations around Dubai, such as malls, hotels, and cafes. Check out the photos!