Recent Clicks Of Beautiful Maryam Noor With Husband

This year has seen a number of celebrity marriages as a result of the wedding season. Many of the public’s favourite celebrities have gotten married, and the beauty, love, pleasure, and happiness is being admired by the public. One such actress who has gained popularity due to all the beautiful wedding photos that have surfaced is Maryam Noor. Maryam Noor and Ismail Butt have been together for a number of years; Ismail works as a pilot. The couple is now married and always poses beautifully in their photos.

Ismail has been complimenting his wife in a white shalwar kameez as she poses all dolled up in the greatest hair and makeup, while Maryam has been donning a traditional and modern blend peah jora. The couple always takes the prettiest images together. Here are some recent, stunning photos of Maryam Noor and husband Ismail Butt, who both continue to look great: