Ok, I am not sure how I feel about this news but here it goes:

Like always one of the most active social media celebrities, Ranveer Singh has won the race, tweeting live from the hospital where he was admitted earlier to an injury. Oh Ranveer! 🙁



Ranveer Singh, the heartthrob of Indian Cinema in recent times, suffered a severe arm injury during the shoot of his latest project “Bajirao Mastani” directed by none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

He was admitted to the Hinduja Hospital on 4th April 2015 where he went through some physiotherapy. However, since that did not help, the doctors suggested a surgery, which Ranveer went for while keeping his fans updated about it through his Twitter account with high spirits.


Heart and prayers go out to Ranveer and we wish him a speedy recovery! 🙂 <3