Rabia Anum Walks Out From Good Morning Pakistan- Watch Video

The reputation of Mohsin Abbas Haider was excellent. She was steadily and gently moving up the success ladder. His acting career was flourishing. Everyone loved his music and lyrics, and he had carved out a niche not just in plays but even in movies. At that point, his ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse, and claims that he had cheated on her with another actress also surfaced. He was exposed by professionals in the field, which cost him a lot of work.

Rabia Anum, who is renowned for her eccentric presenting manner, is also a successful entrepreneur with outspoken opinions that she never hesitates to express. Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fiza Ali, and Rabia Anum were all guests on today’s episode of Good Morning Pakistan. As soon as she came, Rabia Anum fled the programme since she did not want to participate in one with Mohsin as a guest. When the charges of domestic abuse first surfaced, Rabia defended Mohsin’s wife.

Rabia told Nida Yasir that she truly adores her and that she was only aware that Fiza would be a guest on the programme; she was unaware of the other guests. She has consistently taken a firm stance against domestic violence, hence she was unable to participate in the show. She said the following: