Rabi Pirzada’s Opinion on Dil Ye Pukare Aaja Trends’ Viral Sensations

In any discipline, Pakistanis rarely produce many stars. Only a few individuals have been treated with the respect they deserve once they have attained legend status due to the history of this nation. On the other hand, Pakistan is a country where it is more customary to make people famous on a whim. Many people have been able to build lucrative professions out of their fame, such Dananeer Mubeen, who we frequently see in plays, commercials, and shows, and Ahmed Shah, a regular on ARY News. The most recent instance of an instant internet sensation is Ayesha Mano, who rose to fame after dancing at the wedding of a friend. Her video sparked a comprehensive

The singer and animal lover Rabi Pirzada, who previously became famous online for her singing and love of the natural world, has strong feelings about people going viral for the wrong reasons. She once suffered from a scandal before leaving the entertainment business. She now teaches Quran and works as a calligrapher and painter.

Rabi Pirzada discussed her thoughts on people becoming popular through dance videos in an interview with Waseem Badami. She claimed that because we idolise guys who act like women and because women are becoming renowned through dance, society as a whole is in decline.

This is what Rabi said: