Rabi Pirzada First Time Talks About Her Video Scandal

Popular musician and host Rabi Pirzada is in demand. A controversial personality who dared to think beyond the box in her profession is Rabi Pirzada. She once had pets in the house. After her scandals, she made the decision to give up all of her previous interests, and as a result, she is currently going through some significant controversies in her life.

She recently made an appearance on Nadir Ali’s show and discussed her scandal. Regarding the scandal, she remarked, “Rabi Pirzada is a resolute and independent individual. Since everything that has happened to me has been due to my family, including the controversy, they were unaware of it. I could not even conceive what people did to me after that disaster. Since the tragedy involved my family, I refrained from speaking about it. I was broken outside the family by the words and actions of others. I was astonished because I had previously made negative remarks about those individuals in Khana Kaaba who had sent my movies in exchange for likes. I was just a young girl when Aamir Liaquat was murdered.