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Public Criticism On Tere Bin Romantic Scenes

The popular drama series Tere Bin on Geo Television is breaking all previous marks for viewership. Yumna Zaidi, Wahaj Ali, Sohail Sameer, Mehmood Aslam, Fazila Qazi, Farhan Ali Agha, and Bushra Ansari are among the outstanding actors in the show. It is produced by 7th Sky Productions under the direction of Siraj Ul Haque and the writing of Nooran Makhdoom.

The final drama episode’s romantic dinner date in the courtyard has made it the topic of conversation in town. Well, Yumna Zaidi looked quite presentable in her attire. Both Yumna and Wahaj looked beautiful in the setting. Although there were other romantic moments earlier in the drama, this was its most passionate section. Check out the videos:

Here are a few romantic sequences of the drama Tere Bin:

Fans adored the romantic moments, but a portion of the audience is dissatisfied with the glamourization of romance on television. They claim that Indian dramas and other on-screen romance are being normalised by the television business. Even a small number of people believe that displaying such intimacy is part of a conspiracy, and that once they normalise more provocative sequences on TV, viewers will do so without question. Several users questioned why a drama with only a few over the top romance scenes was trending. One person tweeted,”I don’t understand why so many people are obsessed with this drama, which is a standard indian copy and cheap, filthy romanticization. For your own welfare, stop watching Pakistani dramas. I’m not apologetic. Another tweeter lamented that Pakistani media lacked the guts to promote its own tradition and “sharm o Haya” in plays. Because of their wish to imitate others and perhaps because they are unaware of how much these kinds of dramas have an impact on young people. On the other hand, the drama’s supporters are defending its romantic sequences. Look at the feedback left by viewers who didn’t enjoy the romantic moments depicted in the episodes:

Here are a few snaps from Episode 22 of the drama: