Public Criticism of TikToker Dolly’s Viral Dance Recreation

A young girl’s dance video went viral a few days ago. Due to the girl’s expressiveness and flawless dance technique, the video of her performing the ancient song “Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aja” went viral. Many people edited her video. A lot of people condemned the adorable young girl’s viral dance video as well. After the video became viral, people started copying the dance and imitating her movements. In Pakistan, people are now publishing their videos online because it has grown popular.

Dolly, a well-known Tiktoker, too joined the craze. Dolly from TikToker has now uploaded her dance video. Dolly is seen dancing to the popular song Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aja in the video. She imitated her movements and facial expressions, wearing the same colour of parrot green and leaving her hair loose. Watch how she dances;

Fans apparently made fun of the TikToker Dolly’s dancing video. They claimed that not all trends should be adopted. Many fans made fun of Dolly because of her age and attractiveness. They believed that by dancing to the song and doing the offensive moves, Dolly had herself attracted trolls. Below her video are some amusing comments.