Public Criticism Of A Weird Wedding Tradition

Public Criticism Of A Weird Wedding Tradition…

The wedding season has generated buzz in Pakistan. Due to their opulence, numerous expensive wedding festivities are taking place and trending on social media. Numerous events that are out of the ordinary are also receiving attention on social media. A strange video of a bride that had two of his in-laws stroking her knees as part of the custom went viral a few days ago. The bride gives them money when her brother-in-law touches her knees in accordance with tradition. The groom’s knees are being tightly gripped by the males in the video, which is painful for the bride. Consider watching the video:

Everyone who has seen the video has condemned it, saying that such practises should be stopped since they are inherently against Islam and that no boy should touch any other girl’s knees but Mehram’s. Others, however, disagreed, arguing that the ritual itself ought to be recognised as the most obscene ritual, not Goda Pakrai. Nearly everyone opposed such rites. People claimed that these ceremonies must be stopped because else, they will destroy society. Many people criticised the family’s portrayal of the rite as being exaggerated. The remarks are as follows: