Pregnancy Shoot Of TikTokers Madiha Khan & MJ Ahsan

Many famous faces and personalities in Pakistan were made possible through TikTok. Many TikTokers have formed relationships after cooperating on various projects. The celebrity couple Dr. Madiha Khan and MJ Ahsan is one such example. They got married in 2021 after meeting each other at work. They have developed together, and they are now among the most popular TikTokers in the nation. They produce content not just on TikTok but also on YouTube.

TikTok has made it feasible for Pakistan to have many well-known faces and figures. Many TikTokers have developed relationships as a result of working together on numerous projects. One such example is the well-known couple Dr. Madiha Khan and MJ Ahsan. After meeting at work in 2021, they were married. They have grown together and are now some of the most well-known TikTokers in the country. They create content for YouTube in addition to TikTok.

Here is how Madiha had told Ahsan and how he felt after finding out that he is going to be a father: