People Are Shocked By Sana Bucha’s Dramatic Facial Changes

Even though Pakistan never gave heavy industry a chance or any encouragement to succeed, the country’s news industry has always thrived, and the general public is always acquainted with the anchors and hewscasters who come and do their programmes on news channels. Sana Bucha, who has hosted numerous prime time news programmes on various news networks in Pakistan, is one such well-known anchor.

Sana Bucha has experience in the film business as a result of her work on the movie Yalghaar. She is renowned for her distinctive approach to providing news analysis and her impeccable sense of style, which she has maintained throughout her tenure. But recently, people have observed that she has undergone significant change, and in one of her analyses, her face appeared swollen to some.

Here is Sana giving her political analysis:

Here is how the internet has noticed change in Sana Bucha’s looks: