Pakistani Drama Actress Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh won in British Elections today! First British Pakistani Muslim candidate from Scotland elected !…


Tasmina Ahmed Sheik will be competing for the Ochil and South Perthshire voting public from the Scottish National Party’s stage.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheik has been around since a long time and is a known face in Pakistan. Tasmina has dally with various callings. From the get-go, she attempted to become famous in Pakistan by featuring in Pakistani show serials. She did experience achievement and featured in the famous Drama serial Ansu , Des Pardes. Interestingly, it was simply a special first night trip with her spouse in Pakistan which drove Tasmina to attempt her fortunes in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

After a couple of modeling shoots, chose to pursue a political profession. She foughtthe Govan seat for the Tories in the first Scottish Parliament races. She lost – and deserted to the SNP the following year.