Noor Khan Cosplays Gangubai – Public Reacts

Popular Pakistani television actress Noor Zafar Khan is adored for her natural beauty and gifted acting abilities. Sarah Khan, a well-known Pakistani actress, has a sister named Noor, and the two are identical twins. Noor’s fans like her acting and elegance, and they have seen her in numerous Pakistani dramas.

Noor recently shared a photo of herself in a white saree, accessorised with a necklace and flowers in her hair, revealing her deep rear neck. Take a peek at her most recent photo.

Fans quickly concluded that she had imitated Alia Bhatt’s outfit for Gangu Bai or Alia Bhatt’s style for Gangu Bai marketing after recognising her appearance. They said that she is a miniature Gangu Bai sachet pack. She is Gangu Bai at a low price, according to one fan. Fans made fun of Noor Zafar Khan, saying that despite her best efforts, she still looks nothing like Gangu Bai. These are some of the remarks made by those who believed she was mimicking Gangu Bai.