Nimra & Asad Ramadan Pictures and Video With Family

virulent online phenomena The coupling of Nimra and Asad is really stunning. Soon after their wedding photos went viral on social media, they both rose to fame. They were praised for getting married so young. Azlan, the adorable son of Nimra and Asad, is now a teenager. Azlan’s family adores him. They enjoy spending time with Azlan.

Well, Asad and Nimra were sent to Oman a few months ago. They shared their movies and photos from Oman, where they had a fantastic time. The pair is currently spending a few days in Pakistan visiting family to celebrate Ramadan and Eid. Fans could watch Asad and Nimra’s Ramadan vlog. Their cute baby Azlan was the star of their vlog. Additionally, they fed their Seheri and Aftari’s cuisine to their admirers. From their Ramadan vlog, Asad and Nimra were captured in a handful of the images you see here. Look at this: