New gold bangle designs for women are quite traditional and follow somewhat the same designs that have been released by jewelers before. They are also a bit different. We have shown you some pretty bangle designs before. Now, we will show you gold bangles designs that are in vogue these days.New Gold Bangle Designs. The new gold bangle designs include different styles. For instance, you can see gold bangles with intricate designs carved in gold as well as bangles with stones. There are colorful designs as well as simpler designs. So, if you want some nice gold bangles, check out these new gold bangle designs for women.Gold bangles are popular among women in this part of the world. They have been worn by women in India, Pakistan and other countries in the region for many years. The gold bangles come in different designs for different regions. They are quite expensive nowadays due to the price of gold shooting up. Nonetheless, lots of women wear them. They are sometimes passed down from one generation to the other and so, mostly the designs are quite traditional. All jewelers in this part of the world have nice gold bangle designs to offer to women.