Nauman Ijaz Celebrates the Birthday of His Wife Rabia

One of the most attractive couples in Pakistan’s entertainment sector is Nauman Ijaz and Rabia Nauman. The biggest star in the business is Nauman, and just having him on board creates a buzz for every project. He has been married to Rabia for for 25 years, and they remain deeply in love. Their oldest son Zaviyar has also entered the company. They have three boys. When they post family photos on social media, their adoring followers eagerly anticipate seeing their lovely family. Nauman Ijaz frequently writes affectionate messages on social media for his wife because he enjoys talking about their relationship. The entire family came together to celebrate Rabia’s birthday. Along with her husband and boys, she was joined in cutting the cake and singing happy birthday. The birthday celebration was a lovely, private family event, and we got to get a few peeks of the gathering. Look into: