Natasha Lakhani’s Daughter Shahnoor’s Third Birthday Party…

We witnessed a rise in the beauty sector during the past few years, which was a fantastic time for it to expand. The makeup profession in Pakistan has expanded with the addition of numerous new faces, and we now have fantastic makeup artists who people adore and respect. One such woman whose talent for makeup has influenced many ladies is Natasha Lakhani of Natasha Beauty Salon. She is a favourite of famous individuals and offers advice to others on social media.

Natasha hails from an extremely talented family, which includes her mom, the legendary Noor Jehan, as well as her cousins and aunts, all of whom are excelling in various fields. She is not only a very accomplished career woman who is adored by millions of people, but also a mother to young Shahnoor. Her little daughter recently celebrated her third birthday, and the family threw a modest but lovely gathering. Here are some images from the third birthday celebration of Natasha Lakhani’s daughter:

Natasha also shared a beautiful message for her little one:

Happy Birthday to little Shahnoor from our side!