Nadir Ali Performed Umrah With His Family

Moomal is currently in Malaysia, where the small family is enjoying a great time. Moomal is reliving her experiences in the 3D museum and the Batu Caves. She has shared more photos from her outings to the markets and her time with her young child. Here are some images of Moomal Khalid having a good time on her vacation with her husband and son:

Nadir Ali recently travelled to Saudi Arabia to do his Umrah. Along with his family, he travelled for his Umrah. He travelled to Makkah and Madina. He did the Umrah with his wife, brother, and parents. The host has shared a lot of lovely photos on his social media platforms. On his Instagram, he also posted wonderful videos of his son. So, we’ve compiled some photos from his Umrah trip here. Check out the images: