Showbiz is all about glam and fame and people belonging to showbiz are considered very high profile people who can’t keep their feet on the ground. This is a very misunderstood concept about this industry mostly in our country and it could be one of the reasons why most of the decent and families having good backgrounds do not allow their daughters to work in this industry because of the stereotypes. However, as the awareness and exposure is increasing among people they’re starting to realize that these are all false assumptions. There are people in showbiz who love to stay real and just the way they are. Those who do not forget about their roots and their culture. Here is a list of some of the Pakistani actresses who are considered to be the most decent among all.

Sarah Khan


Ayeza Khan


Sana Javed

sana javed sana

Sanam Jung

sanam jung sanam

Arij Fatima

arij fatima arij