Minal Khan Shares Family Photos of A Get Together

Young and stunning Pakistani actress Minal Khan is incredibly talented on the stage. Her performance in Jalan is what made her most famous. The young actress has quickly gained recognition and is now adored by a sizable fan base.

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram is Minal’s husband, and the two of them have a wonderful relationship. The young pair enjoys visiting friends and relatives and taking trips. Once more, Minal gave fans images from one of her family gatherings that she hosted at Ahsan’s Aunty’s (Phupo) home.

With her father-in-law Mohsin Ikram, Minal Khan has posted a few cute photos. She also captioned one of the images, “Daddygirl.” ,’s A beautiful video of Ahsan and Minal was also shared by Ahsan’s father, Mohsin Ikram. Watch the video to see more.

Here are some lovely photos from their most recent family gathering that Minal Khan and her father-in-law Mohsin Ikram shared. Look at that.