Minal Khan Looks Royal Bride in Her Latest Shoot for Hifsa Khan Saloon

Minal Khan, a young and stunning Pakistani actress and model, began her career in show business as a child star but is now regarded as one of Pakistan’s top actors. Minal Khan frequently stays out of the spotlight for a variety of reasons. Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, who is also a member of the entertainment industry and owns his own business, is Minal’s husband.

Minal Khan recently appeared in a bridal photoshoot for “Hifsa Khan Salon.” Minal emanates grandeur while wearing a richly adorned crimson bridal gown by “Haris Shakeel Official,” and she looks absolutely stunning. “Reama Malik” accessorised the garment with bulky gold jewellery. The extremely talented “Xpressions.insta” was the one who took the gorgeous pictures. Let’s have a look at some of Minal’s captivating photos from her most recent bridal shoot!