Mikaal Zulfiqar Slammed for False Statement by Ex-Wife Sara Bhatti

Mikaal Zulfiqar is a charming and adaptable Pakistani actor who has long been active in the entertainment sector. Up to this point, Mikaal has appeared in a number of successful dramas and telefilms. Sara Bhatti and Mikaal Zulfiqar were wed for six years before they decided to separate. Mikaal has two lovely girls, which is a blessing.

A couple of days ago, Mikaal Zulfiqar in an interview with “Gloss ETC By Maliha Rehman” said that he’s still sacred of getting married because of the pressure he felt to clarify things to his partner, but he’s open to the idea of remarrying. “The nature of this work can lead to your spouse making assumptions even if there’s no truth and its difficult indeed”, he added.

After Mikaal’s video went viral on social media, his ex-wife Sara Bhatti criticised Mikaal for spreading untruths on her official Instagram account. Mikaal’s claims were deemed false by Sara, who asserted that she was a very loving wife who bore the full weight of the duty.

Additionally, Sara criticised social media sites for disseminating false information about her, including claims that she is a bad mother and other fabrications. She continued by saying that instead of spreading untrue information about others, individuals should focus on their own lives.