Message From Merub Ali To People Body Shaming Her

Even professionally written jokes by comedians and Pakistani humour contain a variety of body-shaming remarks. Both men and women must meet a certain standard of beauty if they wish to play the lead roles in various productions. It’s important to have a fair complexion without being too fair, long hair without being too long, and leading girls without being too slim. And anyone who deviates from even one of the established norms will be called into question, reprimanded, or humiliated. Merub Ali has been going through that.

Merub said in Mooroo’s podcast that she has had a lot of difficulty losing weight due to a very difficult year in terms of her health and that she has lost all of her weight. She is currently making efforts to regain it, but such things undoubtedly take time. Merub has frequently been referred to as being too thin, although she has previously claimed that she has a thick skin and does not find the taunts offensive.

Merub has a message for the critics right now. According to her, fat shaming is not a joke, and while it may not bother her, others who read those comments may feel extremely self-conscious. She also emphasised the fact that she lost weight as a result of a really difficult health year. She urged everyone who followed her to always be kind.

Merub’s admirers, friends, and fiancĂ© all took the time to comment on her message: