The funniest memes in the world are thought to have originated in Pakistan. They are also renowned for swiftly distributing regular videos online. With Pawri Horahi Hai by Dananeer Mubeen, it happened, and now we have Dil Ye Pukare Girl Ayesha.

She became famous overnight after dancing to the Bollywood song Dil Ye Pukare Aaja while her buddy was getting mehendi. She has gained not just fame in Pakistan but also in India because to her popularity on TikTok. Here is the video that made her extremely well-known in the nation:

Her most recent video has just come to light. Because many people believed that Dil Ye Pukaray Aa Ja was her Pawri Horahi Hai moment, she appeared in a TikTok video alongside two other individuals and demonstrated how good she would look on television. She can act well, as shown here:

People are reacting to her acting prowess and seeing her out of her Dil Ye Pukare Aa Ja video: