Mehar Bano Faces Intense Criticism On Her Recent Dance Video

Mehar Bano is a Pakistani actress, model, and filmmaker who is incredibly attractive, talented, and brave. She made her acting debut in 2011 in the Fahad Mustafa-starrer drama series “Daagh.” She made an appearance in the Lollywood film “Motorcycle girl” in 2018, which also starred Samina Peerzada, Ali Kazmi, and Sohai Ali Abroo. Mehar Bano has lately been in the popular Mere Humnasheen on the Geo Television network. She has also been seen in the web series Churails and Qatil Haseenaon Kay Naam.

The actress from Mere Humnasheen recently wed producer Shahrukh Kazim Ali. For the majority of her dancing videos, Maher Bano is also well-liked. She frequently performs for her followers. She posted the LSA-related video this time. She is moving to the LSA theme tune. Check out the video, then:

Fans saw her video, but they didn’t care for it at all; they think she doesn’t appear attractive when dancing, and her moves are also quite peculiar and repetitive, which turn off the audience. They also attacked the clothes she was wearing. Below her post are the negative comments left by supporters.