Mathira Discusses Her Drinking Issue

As a host of late-night programmes, Mathira got her start in Pakistan’s entertainment sector. People used to phone her live and troll her back when the shows were popular. Since the beginning of her career, Mathira has come under a lot of fire for many scandals. She has been written off numerous times, but she has persisted, and today she is a well-known figure.

Mathira has developed tremendous strength as a result of the struggles she has faced throughout her life, and she prefers to keep her opinions to herself. Mathira has even discussed issues that other professionals in the field try to downplay as difficulties. She has three boys, one of whom is now a teenager, so she also speaks from the perspective of someone who has experienced a lot in life and wants to counsel young people to avoid those errors.

Mathira discussed her drinking in a recent interview on Momina’s Mixed Plate. She revealed that she experienced a severe vehicle accident in 2019 that resulted in the puncture of one of her lungs and required her to take steroids. She would use a lot of vodka to numb the ache since she was in excruciating pain. Since then, Mathira has stopped drinking and has been sober for more than two years. She counselled young people that while they might want to try new things in life, doing so will only hurt them and they should steer clear of such bad habits.

Mathira revealed the following: