Mathira Discloses Pakistan’s Toxic Party Culture

In Pakistan, Mathira has a reputation for being a very contentious celebrity. She has, however, developed much from her beginnings, and she is now regarded as a person who has overcome obstacles to find success in this world while developing. Mathira is renowned for taking courageous stands and speaking her opinion without considering the repercussions.

When Mathira appeared as a guest on Mooroo’s podcast, she gave a wealth of information about her life, her problems, and her way of thinking. She also exposed the grim reality of the society and its members. Mathira discussed her experiences in a toxic relationship and the culture she came across at the time.

Mathira spoke candidly about Pakistan’s unhealthy party scene. According to her, many young people today choose to use drugs and become alcoholics because they perceive it to be enjoyable. Even though Mathira was highly accepting of everyone’s personal choices, she recommended young people to concentrate on their academic work and jobs. She claimed that during a particularly difficult period in her life and a particularly sour romantic relationship, she had also lived in a life similar to that. However, she overcame it and began lying to advise young people not to spend their time drinking and partying. Now is the time to establish a foundation for yourself so that you can emerge from this existence stronger.

This is what Mathira shared: