Mahira Khan’s Most Favourite Scene With Shahrukh Khan

The biggest celebrity in Pakistan is Mahira Khan. She began her career as a VJ and is now one of Pakistan’s biggest movie stars. She has acted in movies as well as some of Pakistan’s most popular plays, including The Legend of Maula Jatt, the highest-grossing Pakistani movie of all time. Although she has received many honours during her career, Mahira like to focus on her time spent working in Bollywood and co-starring with Shahrukh Khan. In Raees, she played Shahrukh’s leading lady.

Mahira Khan enjoys interacting with her followers and makes an effort to keep them informed. On Twitter, she hosted an Ask Mahira session where various users were able to ask her questions. She was asked which sequence from Raees she would most like to reenact with Shahrukh.

A sequence from the song Zaalima was Mahira Khan’s favourite scene that she and Shahrukh Khan performed in the movie Raees.

Here is Mahira’s favourite scene:

Fans from both sides of the border had opinions on Mahira Khan’s favourite scene and this is what they had to say: