Mahira Khan, the resplendent beauty of Pakistan who represents the actor fraternity on Zindagi stepped in Mumbai today. Mahira won millions of hearts with her performance as Khirad in Zindagi’s super-hit show ‘Humsafar’ in India, and now she is all set to sweep Indian viewers off their feet as is on her India-tour to meet and greet her fans in Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow. Mahira, who was seen on Indian television for the first time on Zindagi’s romantic drama ‘Humsafar’, has made time from her hectic schedules as an actor and chat show host in Pakistan to especially thank Indian viewers for the adulation they have showered on Pakistani actors who have been a part of all shows on Zindagi.


A perfect combination of an artist with exquisite allure and a fantastic flair for acting, Mahira Khan talking about her visit to India says, “Zindagi’s initiative to build bridges and dissolve boundaries between India and Pakistan has been revolutionary as the Indian audiences warmly received and grew to love our shows from across the border. I, on behalf of my entire Pakistani entertainment industry, want to state that we are humbled to receive so much appreciation from this country. The kind of love and adulation that has been showered on my show ‘Humsafar’ and my character Khirad, is truly exhilarating. India is a beautiful country that values talent and I consider myself amongst the lucky few from Pakistan to have my work recognized and appreciated here. All my love and gratitude to the viewers.”

Mahira Khan visits Mumbai!

Welcoming Mahira in India, Priyanka Datta, Business Head, Zindagi said, “The response to Zindagi has been overwhelming to say the least and we thank our audiences for this unconditional acceptance for good storytelling. Our aim is to cater to the new age women with progressive mind-sets whose primary concern is to create a perfect work-life balance. Whether it is Kashaf of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, Ainam of ‘Maat’, Sadaf of ‘Thakan’ or Khirad of ‘Humsafar’, all the leading ladies in our shows are the reflection of today’s women with progressive mind-sets. As a representative of Pakistani entertainment industry, Mahira sets the perfect example for Zindagi’s target audience.”