In the 75-year history of Pakistan, which has likewise had many ups and downs, the entertainment business has experienced numerous ups and downs. The once-thriving industry had a downturn at one point, and neither strong projects nor fresh talent could be found in the projects that were being displayed. But over the past 20 years, the drama industry has once again reclaimed its position as the film industry has gained speed, fresh talent is flooding the industry, and we have attracted a number of new, talented stars while many of our domestic super stars have gone global. Sabeena Syed is one such fresh addition who has been picking up some excellent scripts.

Yakeen Ka Safar, Sabeena Sayed’s wildly successful drama, helped her gain attention. She has also participated in the youth-focused project Mere Dost Mere Yaar, and we just saw her perform in Dobara. Sabeena has a unique sense of style, and she always appears stylish in her fashionable and informal attire. Here are some of the diva’s most stunning recent photos, showing off her short hair for the season: