New and lovely photos of Sarah Khan and her husband Falak Shabir have just been released. The duo enjoys providing admirers with fresh images taken in opulent settings. Together, they also enjoy honouring life’s special moments. Alyana Falak, the couple’s lovely daughter, travels with them on their excursions.

Sarah Khan just started posting gorgeous photos of her family. Her fans are enthralled by the recent photos of her and her husband Falak Shabir. Fans loved Sarah Khan’s images with her kid and husband Falak Shabir as she wore a lovely mauve gown and posted breathtaking vistas from Dubai along with delectable desserts.

“What a wonderful view and some tasty sweets with mine,” Sarah Khan said in the caption of one of her lovely images. At the 25 Hours Hotel in Dubai, the pair is having a nice time while eating some dessert. Check out the images: