Latest Clicks Of Sadia Imam With Her Daughter

Sadia Imam has been a member of the media industry for many years and is a highly well-known Pakistani drama host. Early in the 1990s, Sadia Imam started her professional life. Her most well-known work was the PTV drama Uljhan, which starred Behroz Sabzwari and Qurban Jillani. Following a string of successful serials, Sadia Imam reached the pinnacle of stardom in Pakistan. Her on-screen chemistry with Humayun Saeed set new records, and their fans adored them.

Adnan Haider, a German Pakistani, and Sadia Imam are happily married and have a darling daughter named Meerub. Sadia Imam frequently shows her kid her gorgeous photos. Sadia Imam has just been visiting relatives and family in Pakistan. She shared numerous images of her gorgeous daughter. Arez Ahmed and Hina Bukhari were in some of the photos she shared from PTV’s anniversary celebration. Check out the images: