Sobia Nazir bridal 2014 women clothing collection consists of long shirts lehanags, dhaka pyjamas and churidar pyjamas.Sobia Nazir is a fashion designer who always designs a Chief of work which must be like everyone else.Especially the dynamic nuances have been added which are perfect for Valima married and married commitment……..Sobia Nazir has adorned with these wear dresses bridal 2014 by Sobia Nazir with lots of high end and modernity.Sobia Nazir is a talented and famous couturier of Pakistan, which is highly captivating women with eligible outfits since year 2000.the embroidery were used for this collection, as it’s a bridal collection.Sobia Nazir offers casual clothing, use of part, formal and semi-formal wear dresses for the women.Sobia Nazir is well-known to produce clothes of Bride dresses for girls.