Latest Beautiful Clicks of Hadiqa Kiyani with her Son Naad-e-Ali

Hadiqa Kiani resides in Pakistan with her mother, who has been paralyzed since 2006.

She has adopted a child as her son in from the Edhi Foundation after the 2005 earthquake.its been 13 years now.she told in Samina Pirzada Show that she told her son that she adopted him and his parents and all other family members died in 2005 earth quack because of some social problem she had to told him,people ask him about his father so she had to told him

she got married once in 2008 to a UK businessman but got divorce after 1 year

She said we need to stop shaming divorced, widowed women

When I chose to adopt, I was told by many that it would ruin my chances of remarrying. I know other women who have been harassed by family members and people in our society,” she stated.