Komal Rizvi Talks Openly About Her Divorce

Popular Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi rose to recognition thanks to her first PTV series, “Hawaain.” Back then, the drama became an instant success. Later, Komal travelled to India to perform and host. She recently made an appearance on Nadir Ali’s show where she talked openly and honestly about her divorce.

Recently, she appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast where she opened up about her divorce with a heavy heart.

When asked if she would like to discuss about her divorce, Komal Rizvi replied, “Well, my marriage was semi-arranged, it’s a really important and difficult matter for me. The biggest mistake of society is that it doesn’t teach girls about that one line or limit which should not be crossed in any case. I wasn’t taught this, I was taught to abide by my husband and his parents, I wasn’t aware of the other aspect to fight for your basic rights, it took me 4 years to understand this. In our society, a girl is always told that you will have a fairytale wedding, your husband will care for you, and she tries 200% to make her marriage work.I was being tortured, abused, and manipulated by his mind games; he used to hit me in the head with a fry pan while accusing me of giving him cold food; he was playing psychological games with me; obviously, he was a mentally ill person who beat me; I can’t even hit a helpless animal; he used to hit me; I wasted 3.6 years with him simply because I was unaware; I am sorry that I wasted my prime youth on him. I got married when I was alone in Oman with a person who was hitting me, and the Oman police didn’t aid me since it was a domestic matter.I was alone myself, and he was physically abusive and never gave me money. Such psychopaths seek to dominate a strong lady. Except for the time Nida Yasir unexpectedly questioned her about it, she claimed she never discussed it. The video’s URL is provided below:

Additionally, she addressed the parents, saying, “I want to give guidance to the younger generation on how to handle their newborns. To men, I ask why you ask about beating that may be applied with one or two fingers. It’s an outdated perspective. I am not saying don’t quarrel, but be wise. You should tell your kids to safeguard the girl. It is now your responsibility to provide additional love and care.

She also discussed getting over breakups, saying that while she is currently quite happy, she used to believe that her life was finished after getting divorced. It’s difficult to recover from the trauma of divorce, according to her, and you need a support network and the understanding that the victim is the only one who can heal her.

What do you guys think about her detailed thoughtful words ?