Kiran Tabeir of Shiza Fiza Fame Gets Trolled On Latest Look

Kiran Tabeir has been working in this field for a long time. She has put in a lot of effort and has dazzled others with her talent and abilities. However, it was her one-episode drama in which she portrayed twin sisters Shiza and Fiza that became the focus of social media. Kiran was visible on everyone’s timeline as it was trending across social media. Her most recent big hit, Parizaad, featured a character whose friendship with Parizaad was adored by many. Recently, Kiran posted some casual-dress photos on her Instagram, and trolls attacked her severely.

Trolls criticized her weight as well as her fashion sense. Many compared Kiran to Mathira and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone:

Mathira also saw the criticism and the way people kept comparing Kiran to her and had a response: