Kiran Tabeir Daughter Izzah One Month Birthday Celebration

After 12 years of marriage, diverse and incredibly brilliant actress Kiran Tabeir of Pakistan received her daughter Izzah. The well-known actress from Fizza and Shiza published a precious photo of her and the baby on her official Instagram account to let her fans and followers know the good news.

Izzah, Kiran Tabeir’s baby, recently celebrated her first month of life. Kiran shared these gorgeous photos from her daughter’s first-month birthday celebration on her official Instagram account. Izzah, Kiran’s daughter, looked adorable in a pink dress, along with her fondant birthday cake and balloons. You may not remember today, but I’ll never forget it. A month ago you entered my life and made it so beautiful. Izzah’s first month birthday. Kiran wrote a touching statement while sharing the photographs.