In the well-liked soap opera Wehem on Hum TV, Kinza Hashmi and Zaviar Nauman will appear. The drama has a fantastic cast, and people adore and value it. The audience is praising the on-screen pair of Kinza Hashmi and Zaviar Nauman. A newlywed couple is the focus of the drama. Kinza Hashmi and Zaviar Nauman’s chemistry is popular with the audience. Following the success of their drama, the two attractive actors are gaining fame on social media.

In a BTS video that has gone viral online, Kinza Hashmi and Zaviar Nauman can be seen sitting on the bonnet of a large 4×4 vehicle for a shoot, and after the shot is over, Kinza Hashmi struggles to leap due of the height and complains that she will fall, so Zaviar Nauman assists her. This video is provided;

The general public, however, had its own opinion on the situation. Many YouTube users claimed that although the car’s bonnet is not particularly elevated, the woman is merely being adorable in an effort to attract Zaviar Nauman’s attention and win his affection. In a satirical tone, the public claimed she has already fallen and that she has grown brave as a result of her proximity to Saboor. Here are some remarks!

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