Khwahish by Umsha by Uzma Babar Collection at #PHBCW17

Umsha’s new bridal collection, Khwahish, is of visions becoming certainty. Khwahish is for the bold idealist, the liberated logician, and the free spirited; a woman with ideas, goals, ambitions, and the drive to accomplish them. Made of extravagant silhouettes and textures as old as time, this collection is a blend of both; modern world romance, and cultural values. Khwahish is of contemporary silvers, affluent gold’s, popular pastels, and flamboyant reds, and henceforward, inspired by folklore, custom, and conviction. Khwahish fulfills the longings of a bride, for it epitomizes a wish list within itself, and assurance beyond the margins of time. It’s centered on the daydreams of a bride-to-be, how she wishes to look, and just the elements needed to accomplish a fairy tale wedding. Khwahish is an aspiration with a soul, and a purpose. Khwahish is a yearning. It’s a promise.