Karachi Eats is a complete failure

Karachi Eats is a complete failure…

In Pakistan, we don’t often have the luxury of going to family gatherings or concerts. Due to terrorism, everything in the nation was first shut down for around twenty years before events began a few years ago. The music scene began to blossom once more, but by that point, both the participants and the event planners had forgotten how to manage it. The Karachi Eat for this year began on a promising tone before turning disastrous.

The Karachi Eat festival is known for its delicious cuisine, fun atmosphere, and occasional musical performances, but on Day 3, when single males began gate-crashing and women were assaulted at a live concert, everything went tragically wrong. In the middle of his performance, Kaifi Khalil exited the stage because he couldn’t abide men bothering uninformed people who had just come to see him.

He also released a statement:

The crowd jumped barriers and entered the premises:

Someone was hitting people with cigarettes for fun:

Moreover there were full on brawl going on between women with them pulling each other’s hair:

People also shared their experiences from the event and their opinions on what went down: