Kanwal Aftab’s 25th Birthday Party Pictures and Vlog

Kanwal Aftab and Ch Zulqarnain are two TikTok stars that have gained a lot of popularity and receive a lot of support from their followers. After getting married, their fan base more than doubled. They both got their start on TikTok. The dup has recently started vlogging on YouTube, where they share their daily activities or any recent developments in their careers.

The couple just accomplished a significant life milestone by becoming parents to a little girl. Their daughter Aizal Zuilqarnain participates in their activities as well, and they have now made public Aizal’s appearance. Ch Zulqarnain also wore a casual and stylish outfit to Kanwal Aftab’s 25th birthday party, choosing to wear matching separates and clunky shoes. It was Kanwal’s first birthday where her daughter attended the party, and she celebrated her 25th birthday in style. These photos were taken at Kanwal Aftab’s birthday celebration: