One of the well-known celebrity couples in the entertainment world, Javeria and Saud have made significant contributions to their field. Since 2006, Javeria and Saud have owned their own production company called “JJS Productions.” The couple is fortunate to have a son and a daughter.

Javeria and Saud recently discussed their lovely Hajj experience and the lessons they learned from their first Hajj in an interview with Nida Yasir. “One of the most wonderful things I noticed was how everyone there was treated equally and with the same respect. There, nobody was regarded as a monarch or a servant. When I saw the Kaaba for the first time on my second trip to Makkah for tawaf, I found it difficult to believe that I was actually there, according to Saud.

Saud while getting emotional, added that “I could not believe that Allah has considered us among those lucky people who were able to perform Hajj this year. That was the moment when I forgot everything about my career, the awards, the shows, everything and the things which made me happy was that the king of this world has called us at this holy place and we are the luckiest people.”

Javeria while sharing her experience, added that “The thing which I experienced was that Hajj is not only a worship but it’s a struggle itself and the reward we receive from that struggles is something worth the wait. After performing Hajj we got a new life and now it depends on us how we live this life.”